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Egytranslators translation services include translation, editing and/or proofreading services. We can handle the three phases together or separately upon client request. We can provide translation of and translation from almost Middle Eastern, African, and Asian languages.Please click here for a detailed list of our working languages. We provide TEP services as follows:

     - Contracts translation
- Training materials translation
- Social sciences translation
- Art/literary translation
- Manuals translation
- Feasibility studies translation
- Brochures translation
- Marketing materials translation
- Proposals translation
- Bids translation
- Technical documents translation
- Annual reports translation
- Financial statements translation
- Projections translation
- Pension plans translation
- Prospectuses translation
- Education credentials translation
- Birth certificates translation
- Marriage certificates translation
- Human studies translation
- Government standards and regulations translation
- Religion-related materials translation
- Catalogues translation
- Diplomas translation
- Letters translation
- Newsletters translation
- Books translation
- Essays translation
- Booklets translation
- Leaflets translation
- ..or any other type of documents

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