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QA Policy


We usually receive the material to be translated (or sample of it) by email for estimation and price quote. We always reply to our clients within 24 hours with the quote needed covering the timeframe, total cost and any other issues that we may need to discuss about the material to be translated.

Once we get a confirmation on the quote, we take care of the material as a new job having a unique number to identify it all over the work cycle. Then, the job is assigned to the available translator according to the field of expertise. All our translators are qualified native speakers of the target language.

After finishing the translation process, the job is to be given to an editor to make sure that it is done properly as requested by the client. Then, the job is assigned to a proofreader to make sure the target language is free of any typos or spelling and grammar mistakes.

If needed, DTPers take care of the final layout and delivering the work in the required format.

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